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There comes a time...

The events in the Middle East leave us much to ponder about our place in society, about the meaning of power, and the precarious position in which our leaders may find themselves should they ever overstep their bounds.

“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” -- Mao Tse-Tung

An unfortunate, and ugly truth, but one we must face. The fact is that those with influence maintain that influence, generally through their ability to dominate opposition through force. In the world, we see countries like the United States dominate the global discussion because of it's vast military presence in the world.

In the revolting Middle Eastern countries, it is the minority, the political elite, which holds power over its citizens via violent force. Rockets, bullets, aircraft, all turned against citizens who are simply calling for a new chance, a new system, and a new life.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”-- John F. Kennedy

Allow us a space to protest, to vent our frustrations, and we shall do so. Provide us with the means to call for reform, and we will call for it. Give us the freedom to speak as we wish about whoever and whatever, with no fear of repercussion, and we the words will flow freely from our lips.

Deny us our rights, and we will do all that and more.


This post is not as long as usual, because I really don't have much time on the weekends with work and homework, but I wanted to share this, and it seemed appropriate. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. LunaSihne says:

    Thank you, and to you too.
    And very wonderful picture..

  2. ~Fabi says:

    It does teach us that a revolution inevitably fails unless the world backs it up.

  3. Alphabeta says:

    Love the 'Walk Like an Egyptian' reference - completely changes the meaning/sentiment of the phrase.

  4. Sinner says:

    You have a way with words, my friend.

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