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Crape Diem...

I was planning to post last night, but I just couldn't get into the mindset, and I was finishing up work for school. I was gonna post tonight, but I feel like crap, and I can hardly think about anything right now.

I'll try tomorrow if I can, but if not, I should be okay by Monday, so I'll have something for you all then. It'll be about the imagination, and how important it is to success and achievement.

I wanna thank you all again for reading and commenting. I'm thinking of starting another blog that's a bit different and would be basically me writing a small story of some sort to go with a picture. Basically, find a picture and then write a story about it.

For now, though, look forward to a post by Monday at the latest. I'll be seeing you. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

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  1. i for one have a wonderful weekend so far :)

  2. I enjoyed the play on words. I first thought it was a typo, then I read your post.

    Hope you feel better. Crape Diem, but if you feel better tonight, Carpe Noctem!

  3. Sam says:

    Enjoy the weekend, it just started! I know I will.

  4. anonymous says:

    I am working this weekend.. WORKIIINNG! SAVE ME!

  5. Feel better soon!

    That idea for the new blog sounds quite interesting, I would certainly follow it.

  6. Nice blog! I can't wait until your next post.

  7. Man up and force yourself into your 'mindset' and start posting again ASAP.

  8. Take your time and post something great again.

  9. Westus says:

    I know the feeling man, I frequently get a "writer's block" as well, and it really sucks... I find the only cure is outside air and a little bit of time

  10. Alphabeta says:

    (Just another thought).
    No need to be too precious about the blog (or anything).
    If you haven't the energy or if you feel frivilous and want to post some random thing that made you smile or think, do that.
    Abstract photos off your phone camera, a fleeting observation - whatever.
    Best to you.

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