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Shout out to my boy Beethoven... If he can hear me.

Beethoven was extremely important the evolution of music over the past few hundred years. He composed pieces that not only completely altered the future of music as we know it, but that also inspired generation after generation to love, cherish, and partake in that age old past time and continue the legacy. And many of his works were composed after he had gone deaf! But it's not Beethoven that is so important, but rather what he worked with.

His craft, his life, was devoted to the creation of music.

Music is something so beautiful, so genuine, so charismatic and primal that words are often not enough to fully express the scope and breadth of emotions that are encompassed in a piece.

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent. --Victor Hugo

Rarely can you find a person that doesn't listen to some song or another and find themselves reliving a moment in the past. Music not only grants you that momentary satisfaction that it evokes upon listening, but it also intertwines itself into your very psyche, grabbing on to every memory it can possibly find a way to touch.

When was the last time you watched a movie, and said to yourself, "That movie was good, but the music! Oh, the music was just so great!" I'd be willing to bet it's more often than you realize.

And when was the las time you saw a movie and said, "That was a great movie, but you know what would have made it even better? No music." Hmmmm?

Take a moment and think about something. For many years now, I couldn't possibly tell you how many, but I'm sure someone could calculate or estimate, there has not been a single moment in the entire continuum of existence in which music in some form has not been playing somewhere in the world.


To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable. --Aaron Copland

That may not seem like anything to you, but to me, it is a symbol of the pure connective nature of music. There is something in this world that humanity shares almost completely. There are some very random things that remind me of the fact that I'm a human being, sometimes. Going to the dentist for a teeth cleaning is, to me, an activity that is so human that it makes me stop and think about my existence. Music does that, too.

It moves us, it stirs our imagination, motivates us, heightens our senses, depresses us, evokes love from our hearts, and prompts memories that we had tucked away in the recesses of our minds. I love music, and I were I to ever lose it, my world would become a drab, dull, and hideously uninteresting place.

So tell me, are you a music lover?

Are you the take it or leave it type?

Prefer silence? I've known a few people like this, and if you're one of them, I'd love to know why. Share your thoughts. If you enjoy music, what do you listen to? What excites you? What do you turn off the moment you hear it? If you're in between, tell me when the right time for you to listen is. And of course, thank you for sharing.

Do yourself a favor and listen to a really great song before bed tonight. Set aside a few minutes to just immerse yourself in the grandeur of it.

Good night, sweet dreams, and happy listening.


This post was inspired by, , whose post about the difficulty in finding a legit radio station to listen to struck a sympathetic chord in me.

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  1. i cant live without music

  2. I'm a mood-listener; My tastes vary from classic to dubstep depending on how I'm feeling :x

    At least my playlists are diverse.

  3. Alphabeta says:

    I don't need it on constantly, but without music life would be unbearable.

  4. I only listen to classic music in the car, it calms me down...

  5. Justin: I'm exactly the same!

    Moti: I should. I get impatient while driving, which can be dangerous.

  6. Jung says:

    Beethoven had mad technicals. Mozart had good mind games.

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