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A Very Funny Youtuber...

I came out of the womb with an xbox controller. They're like, "What the hell is this technology?" And I was like, "It's from the future!

"But it just sounded like I said 'WAAH!' "
--Toby Turner aka Tobuscus

I just wanted to make a quick little post to tell you about a youtuber that I absolutely love. Toby Turner is the guy on youtube that does the literal trailers, you know, the ones where he dictates everything that happens.

They're amazing, and creative, and in combination with his main channel, Tobuscus, he's got his vlog and gaming channels.

I know this sounds like an endorsement or advert or something, and it is. Toby's videos brighten my day, and are a damn good source for hilarious quotes if you are ever in need of a pick me up at the end of the day. He's seriously one of the funniest guys I've ever seen, and it'd be a pity if you missed out on his humor. Take some time, go watch a video or three, and if you don't like it, pass on it. But I think you'll find yourself loving it a lot more than you expect.

Bless your face. Peace off!


Toby Games-

Toby (Lazy) Vlogs-

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  1. I've actually seen some of his vids before. Pretty good.

  2. Quotey says:

    Yeah, sorry about that. I was in a bit of a hurry when I posted this and remembered that I should have put a link in when I was already at school.

  3. LunaSihne says:

    Wow. Those are pretty good.

  4. DaDopeman says:

    Haha this is a very sick video

  5. Hell yeah, it is. I fuckin' love it. Glad you all found some enjoyment in it.

  6. so good! hahaha, i watched it like 3 times. 'guards coming from pilllarssss, target smells his sword, don't know why.'

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